Shoulder Overload
Shoulder related pain is also common in cricket, similar to low back injuries this occurs with sudden spikes in throwing/bowling volume. In addition underdeveloped strength and poor technique are also contributing factors.

What to look out for

  • Shoulder pain with throwing/bowling or on ball release
  • Shoulder pain that lasts after game/training
  • Pain referred into the neck or arm with throwing/bowling or constant after sport
  • Grabs or catches of pain with arm movements like reaching over head or quick movements

What to do

  • Ice the affected shoulder 10-15mins after sport. Repeat every 2 hours during the day, over 2 days
  • Consult a sports physiotherapist for assessment and management plan
  • Avoid sudden increases in throwing/bowling volume. Gradually increase throwing/bowling volume over a number of weeks Cricket screening- to identify any risk factors and set up an injury prevention strengthening program specific to your particular needs
  • Increase shoulder strength (a qualified sports physio can guide you on this)
  • Warm up shoulders before throwing/bowling


Theraband exercises x7-10 repetitions of each • Shoulder internal rotation (arm by side) • Shoulder external rotation (arm by side) • Shoulder internal rotation (arm 90 degrees) • Shoulder external rotation (arm 90 degrees) • Throwing acceleration • Throwing deceleration • Shoulder blade punches   Leisa Stringer, WSC Sports Physio