As Australians we are a nation of cricket lovers, for many of us it’s almost part of our DNA.
For the true lovers of the game Summer isn’t about sunshine, surfing, holidays or Christmas – it means one thing and one thing only CRICKET SEASON!

However regardless of your enthusiasm the transition from winter sport into cricket season can be tricky and does require some management.

The Facts

• Cricket uses the body and muscles in a far different way to winter sports.
• The sudden transition from winter sport to summer cricket means the musculoskeletal system has to adapt

quickly to sudden changes in load & volume.
• Adolescents can have a high volume of cricket commitments. Involvement in multiple teams e.g. school,

District & Community Clubs can often include 2-3 trainings/week and a further 2-3 games/weekend.

Each year at WSC we assess and treat many young developing cricketers with various degrees of lumbar spine and/or shoulder overload. The good news is both conditions are preventable and can be managed with the right advice… here’s the low-down.

Leisa Stringer, WSC Sports Physio