Musculoskeletal Screening FOR CRICKET

Although not all injuries are preventable, the risk of cricket related injury can be significantly reduced by identifying potential imbalances in muscle strength and length as well as joint range of motion.

A musculoskeletal screening will provide you with a comprehensive assessment report of your muscle capacity and flexibility, bio-mechanics and movement patterns and overall exercise loads. This will identify areas that can be improved to minimise the risk of injury and ultimately keep you on the field.

Musculoskeletal screening involves taking a history of past or current injuries, and measuring the range of motion of particular body segments and strength tests of particular areas.

This provides an impression at that point in time regarding ;
– a baseline measurement of your normal strength/range – any defecits that may predispose you to injury.

If an injury occurs after screening has taken place then any new defecits can be identified according to your baseline screening.

A screening can also be used when a player has been out of sport for a period of time due to injury. Screening is used to assess status before returning to training and playing.

In particular fast bowlers are the most susceptible to injury and can benefit from having a screening.

WSC offers musculoskeletal screening of a national standard. All screening is individually tailored and a strength & conditioning program can be discussed as required.