Active Warm Up

We play sport for a reason, mateship, to keep fit and even just to feel better about ourselves, right? Well, it’s pretty tough to do any of those things lying on a couch with a pulled hamstring/groin/shoulder. Above all else, the most important thing you can do when working out is warming up properly. At WSC we believe preparing the body for what it is about to do has both physical and mental benefits. We also believe an ‘active warm-up’ is more beneficial than just stretching.

Note: If you are a fan of traditional stretching, this can still be performed but should be ceased 15 minutes prior to competition


  • Increase blood flow to muscles used in the sport
  • Increase in body temperature to allow easier release
  • of oxygen from red blood cells
  • Restore flexibility of joints and muscles by moving them through full normal range
  • Activate (wake up) coordination patterns specific to the sport, reducing reaction times
  • Practice each skill required for the sport
  • Gradually increase exercise intensity to game intensity

An Example:

(This example is perfect for jumping/running sports like Football, the session starts slow and build up to game intensity.)

  • Shuttle 15m jogging forwards, backwards, sideways, grapevine, zig zag, ball pick up – x4 each
  • Dynamic stretching swinging kicks, hip rotations, calf walking, back rotations on front
    then back, squats, walk lunges, arm circles – x5 each
  • Plyometric drills 15m high knees, bum flicks, 2 leg bounding, skipping, stride outs – x2 each
  • Competitive drills tackles, red rover
  • Skill practice handball and kicking drills