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Isokinetic Testing


This specialised testing is known as isokinetic dynamometry, cybex or Humac Norm testing.

Testing can be used on a range of clientele from professional to amateur athletes for musculoskeletal screenings or detecting strength imbalances.

Testing can be used after injury for rehabilitation outcome measures (eg. ACL/PCL Reconstructive surgery, hamstring strain).

What is isokinetic testing? 

It is useful to know the strength and power of muscle groups to enable progression of rehabilitation eg. progression to running and improve specificity of rehabilitation based exercises.

Isokinetic testing offers concentric and eccentric resistance testing.

Comparisons are drawn between limbs and between opposite muscle groups within one limb (eg. hamstring/quadriceps ratio).

Isokinetic results can determine areas of muscle weakness, pain inhibition and work capability.

Clinically, isokinetic testing provides excellent baseline measures which can be used as an adjunct to functional testing and other objective testing.

Isokinetic testing is well documented in the literature, with all testing protocols are evidence based and proven to be useful, valid, reliable and easily repeatable.

How can I get an isokinetic test? 

Isokinetic testing is available at our city clinic 270 Wakefield Street Adelaide. Bookings are essential.

The cost of the test is $140. We accept Private Health funds for this test and the gap remaining is payable, in full, on the day. Prior approval for Workcover/Third party clients from your case manager is necessary. Please inform our reception of these details when you make your booking.

Please allow approximately 1 hour for your appointment.